• Peninsula Laser Eye Medical Group

    Welcome to our Mountain View practice, we have completed over 20,000 successful
    LASIK, cataract, implantable EVO contact lens, and corneal transplant procedures.

  • LASIK Center

    Excellent personalized care, use of the most advanced equipment available, and extensive surgical experience are the main reasons why so many patients come to see Drs. Beers and Liu for their LASIK treatments.

  • Refractive Lens Exchange Center

    The Multifocal and Light Adjustable Lens procedure is a form of Refractive Lens Exchange, in which the natural human lens is replaced with an artificial lens.

  • Cataract Center

    We offer advanced technologies to customize outcomes with Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) and Premium Lenses: Light Adjustable Lens (LAL), Toric, Multifocal, and Extended Depth of Focus.

  • Cornea Center

    Dr. Liu performs partial- and full-thickness corneal transplants to restore eyesight.

  • EVO ICL Center

    Dr. Beers implants contact lenses for patients to treat high levels of nearsightedness.

Mountain View's Vision Experts

Your vision is important to us. We invite you to join our practice.

Founded in 1966, Peninsula Laser Eye Medical Group is widely recognized as one of the best private ophthalmology practices in California. We have completed over 20,000 successful LASIK, cataract, lens implant and corneal transplant procedures.

Dr. Dan Beers

Dr. Beers has over 20 years of experience in cataract, EVO ICL, and LASIK surgery to provide the safest and most accurate form of laser vision correction available.

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Dr. Jeffrey W. Liu

Dr. Liu treats general eye conditions and is a specialist in cornea and refractive surgery. He currently teaches Stanford resident physicians to perform cataract surgery.

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Peninsula Laser Eye Medical Group

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Mountain View, CA 94040

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Patient Testimonials

Our patients satisfaction is key to our success.

We strive to ensure our patients are comfortable and well educated about their conditions and state-of-the art treatment options. Our testimonials speak for themselves!

I had worn corrective lenses for almost 70 years when it was time for me to have cataract surgery. My wife's positive experience with Dr. Beers made him my first choice as my surgeon. I was used to mono vision with my contact lenses (one eye corrected for distance, one for close up) so I chose that option as well as the use of toric lenses to correct my astigmatism... - Clare Schultz
I was referred to Dr. Liu by my San Jose eye doctor after my eyesight was no longer correctable with a new prescription. Dr. Liu and his assistants quickly diagnosed cataracts as the cause of my blurry vision and soon I confidently scheduled surgery with Dr. Liu and his team. Dr. Liu was able to replace my cloudy lenses with prescription lenses that not only corrected for distance... - Peggy Londre


The Light Adjustable Lens


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