Your Trusted Partner for Eye Surgery: Peninsula Eye Surgery Center

Welcome to the Peninsula Eye Surgery Center, proudly part of the Peninsula Laser Eye Medical Group, at 1128 W. El Camino Real in Mountain View, CA. Our modern facility is specifically designed to meet the needs of patients who require eye surgery to improve their vision. With top-notch pre-surgery areas, advanced operating rooms, and cozy post-surgery recovery spaces, we are committed to providing exceptional care in a relaxing and supportive atmosphere. When you or a loved one needs eye surgery, you can count on the Peninsula Eye Surgery Center to offer the best possible care.

Preparation for Surgery at Peninsula Eye Surgery Center

Preoperative Eye Drop Medications

Follow the instructions provided by your surgeon for any preoperative eye drop medications.


  • Diabetic Patients: You will typically be advised to skip your morning insulin or oral medication since you won’t eat breakfast before surgery.
  • Other Medications: Unless otherwise instructed, you can take your usual medications with a small sip of water. Do not skip medications for heart, blood pressure, or breathing conditions. Bring any prescription inhalers and nitroglycerin pills with you.


  • Early Morning Surgery: Do not eat or drink after midnight, except for sips of water with regular medications.
  • Later Surgery: A light breakfast (toast and clear liquids, no milk) is allowed up to 5 hours before your scheduled arrival time. Clear liquids are permitted up to 2 hours before your arrival time.


  • Wear a loose short-sleeve shirt that fully opens and buttons in the front.
  • Opt for loose-fitting pants like sweatpants and comfortable shoes.
  • Avoid wearing hairpins, eye makeup, jewelry, or bringing unnecessary valuables.

Transportation and Check-In

Due to sedation, you cannot drive post-surgery. Arrange transportation home and bring only one companion. Our parking lot is located behind the surgery center and is accessible via a right turn from El Camino Real if you come from the south. Your companion can drop you off at the patient entrance and park in the rear lot.

Check-In Requirements:

  • Bring your insurance cards and photo I.D.
  • Payment for co-pays, co-insurance, or those without insurance is required upon arrival.
  • You will sign a consent form for the surgery center. If you wish to review this form beforehand, contact your surgeon in advance.

Preoperative Preparations

After registration, you will move to the preoperative area where nursing staff will administer eye medications, such as dilating drops, and start an I.V. for sedatives. Companions can join you during this waiting period if you do not speak English or prefer to have company. Many patients bring personal music with headphones for comfort.

During Surgery

Your procedure will involve Monitored Anesthesia Care (MAC), combining local anesthetic from your eye surgeon and light intravenous sedation to keep you relaxed yet awake enough to follow instructions. Your eye will be numb, but you may feel mild pressure. Your anesthesiologist will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen levels throughout the surgery.


After a brief check in the recovery area, you will be ready to go home. For cataract surgery, there are typically no dietary or activity restrictions post-surgery. Over-the-counter pain relievers like Aspirin or Tylenol are usually sufficient for any discomfort. A nap can help mitigate residual sedative effects and reduce normal postoperative eye-watering and scratchiness.

Expect blurred vision initially, with pupils remaining enlarged from the dilating drops for up to 36 hours. Sedation might blur your memory of the day’s events, so save non-essential questions for your first postoperative visit.

Comfort and Convenience

Our center offers a handicapped-accessible entrance and exit, ample parking, and a spacious reception area for the comfort and convenience of our patients and their families.

Contact Peninsula Eye Surgery Center

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your surgery, please contact Peninsula Eye Surgery Center at (650) 964-3200. We look forward to providing you with the highest eye care and surgical excellence standard.

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