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What is the EVO ICL™?

The Staar EVO ICL™ is now available at our Mountain View practice. This 20-30 minute procedure with quick recovery time is the most advanced implantable contact lens available today. It is placed inside the eye to replace glasses or contact lenses for patients with nearsightedness with or without astigmatism. The EVO ICL™ is made of a unique blend of polymer and natural collagen, a substance found in the body. Because of its composition and design, it is foldable, to fit through a smaller incision, and can be placed behind the iris, for a completely natural appearance. The EVO ICL™ also offers a solution for patients who may not be candidates for LASIK or other vision correction procedures due to thin corneas. At our practice, both Dr. Beers and Dr. Liu perform this procdure. Contact us to learn more.

Who can benefit from an ICL?

Implantable contact lenses are best suited for patients between 21 and 45 who have moderate to severe myopia (nearsightedness) and/or astigmastism. The best candidates are those who have not had any previous eye surgery and who have no history of eye diseases such as glaucoma, iritis, or diabetic retinopathy. Because it is implanted in the eye, it is ideal for those patients who suffer from dry eyes, which can be a potential side effect of other vision correction procedures.

What are the advantages of EVO ICL™?

An implantable contact lens can treat nearsightedness with or without astigmatism and correct nearsightedness without removing corneal tissue, as is done in LASIK surgery. The EVO ICL™ is foldable, so that is can be inserted through an incision only 3.0 mm (1/8 inch) long, and normally requires no stitches. Since it is inside the eye, the EVO ICL™ provides our patients more consistent vision enhancement than external eyewear.

Will EVO ICL™ require maintenance, like an external contact lens?

Since it is designed to stay in the eye, an ICL does not require maintenance. Dr. Beers and Dr. Liu recommend an annual examination for EVO ICL™ patients at their Mountain View office.

Can others see the EVO ICL™ in place?

One of the advantages of the EVO ICL™ for our patients is that is foldable, and, therefore, can be inserted and unfolded behind the iris, where it cannot be seen by others. Ordinary ICLs must be placed in front of the iris, causing a very unnatural appearance.

What is the EVO ICL™ made of?

The EVO ICL™ is made of a proprietary material called Collamer. It is a blend of polymer and natural purified collagen, a substance found in the human body. The collagen content makes Collamer very biocompatible, eliminating the risk of infection or tissue rejection for most patients. The EVO ICL™ also filters out damaging ultraviolet light.

How are ICLs implanted?

ICL implantation is an out-patient procedure; the patient goes home immediately following surgery. The patient must have a ride to and from the surgery, since medications applied before and after temporarily affect vision. For the surgery, anesthetic eye drops are used to numb the eye. There is minimal discomfort and no real pain for most patients. Eye drops to guard against irritation and infection are prescribed after the procedure, and the patient normally has a check-up the day after surgery.

Is the ICL permanent?

Rarely, changes in vision may require removal of the ICL and the use of an alternative procedure to correct vision. Barring such an event, the ICL is intended to remain in place, never requiring maintenance of any kind.

Can the ICL be felt once it is in place?

Since the ICL is not attached to any internal eye parts and is completely stationary, only in rare instances does a patient notice that it’s there.

How can I find out if I am a candidate for the ICL?

Please call our office for a complimentary consultation at (650) 961-2585.

If you have other questions or concerns about EVO ICL™, visit our Mountain View center. We will be happy to provide more details about this revolutionary procedure that provides a new alternative to patients who want to rid themselves of glasses or contact lenses. Contact Peninsula Laser Eye Medical Group today.

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