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US Military The Vanguard in Refractive Surgery Research and Implementation

  • Posted by lasik2020 on March 22, 2010 in LASIK

More than 312,000 laser refractive procedures performed in the U.S. Air Force, Army and Navy have provided invaluable insight about laser refractive surgery to both military and civilian communities. Since the first military laser study began in 1993 and the U.S. Department of Defense adopted laser refractive surgery in 2000, military laser refractive cases have demonstrated safety, efficacy and excellent visual results when performed in appropriate patients. Military refractive cases have also provided accurate and large sample data that can be extrapolated to the general population. “The studies that we perform here at the Naval Medical Center San Diego are … Read more…

Avoiding Flap Complications

Laser vision correction has come full circle from its beginnings with surface phototherapeutic keratectomy and PRK. The field advanced to lamellar refractive surgery with LASIK emerging as the dominant procedure. Today, interest in advanced surface ablation has re-emerged with LASEK and other methods. Surface procedures offer several advantages compared with lamellar methods, particularly because the former avert rare but potentially devastating complications. Creating the permanent LASIK flap has been associated with the induction of higher-order aberrations and decreased corneal sensitivity as well as an increase in dry eye syndrome, striae, diffuse lamellar keratitis, infection, epithelial in-growth, and other intraoperative hurdles. … Read more…

Getting the Full Picture About Lasik Eye Surgery

  • Posted by lasik2020 on October 18, 2000 in LASIK

If your eyes are the windows to the soul, then Lasik eye surgery is becoming an ever-popular way of making the view less blurry. According to the Federal Trade Commission, since Lasik eye surgery was approved in 1995, laser eye centers have mushroomed from 300 in 1996 to more than 900 centers today. Five years from now, the FTC said, surgeons are expected to perform laser eye surgery on more than 3 million pairs of eyes. Dr. Dan Beers, who performs LASIK vision correction with the Peninsula Laser Vision Medical Group, located in Mountain View, said, “The key is for … Read more…

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