Chalazion Surgery

Performed under local anesthesia, the surgeons of Peninsula Laser Eye Medical group may opt to drain a large chalazion that affects your vision or does not respond to other treatments.  This procedure is brief (15 minutes) and you can drive yourself to and from the office.  There is some swelling afterwards and we recommend you go home and rest after the procedure for a few hours then resume normal activities.

Other treatments prior to surgical option:

Use warm compresses
Soak a clean cotton cloth in hot water and apply the cloth to the lid for 10 to 15 minutes, three or five times a day until the chalazion or stye is gone. You should repeatedly soak the cloth in hot water to maintain adequate heat. The warm compress should allow the clogged gland to open and drain white or yellow discharge. If the gland opens, gentle massage around the stye or chalazion may help drainage.

Antibiotic ointments
An antibiotic ointment may be prescribed if bacteria infect a chalazion, or does not improve after treatment with warm compresses or if it keeps coming back.

Steroid injections
A steroid (cortisone) injection is sometimes used to reduce swelling of a chalazion.

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