Presbyopia, the gradual loss of your eye’s ability to focus on objects up close, happens to all of us as we reach middle age. Usually beginning some time in your 40’s, you’ll start to experience blurred vision while reading, dialing a cell phone or working on your computer, for example. As we age, the lens inside the eye gradually hardens and becomes less flexible, making it more difficult to focus on nearby objects. Presbyopia is not a disease, but a natural part of the aging process.  LASIK can be performed for distance and near vision with monovision, where one eye is set for distance and one eye is set for near.  We can now perform a new procedure, Refractive Lens Exchange with the Multifocal lens, which allows patients to see well in the distance and near with each eye.   The Multifocal lens is a multifocal lens that can focus in the distance and near.

Drs. Beers and Liu can eliminate presbyopia and your need for reading glasses by replacing your eye’s aging lens with the new Multifocal lens.

With the Multifocal lens you:

  • Can have clear vision for both reading and distance
  • Will NEVER need cataract surgery in the future

The Multifocal Procedure

The Multifocal procedure takes approximately 20 minutes. Drs. Beers or Liu will carefully place numbing drops in your eye, remove the aging lens using an ultrasonic probe, and replace it with the Multifocal lens. Once surgery is complete, the doctors will place additional drops in your eye to decrease inflammation and prevent infection. The small incision heals quickly. Because no sutures are needed, most patients can resume normal activities within a few days.

The procedure is performed in our own Peninsula Eye Surgery Center, conveniently located down the street from our office.

If you are interested in the Multifocal procedure, please call our office at 650-961-2585 for a complimentary consultation or request an appointment online.

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