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Choice Glaucoma Therapy to Minimize Ocular Surface Disease

  • Posted by lasik2020 on June 25, 2011 in Glaucoma, SLT

Scientific breakthroughs have allowed people to live longer, more active lives. Whereas vision is arguably the most important thing ophthalmologists can rehabilitate, ocular comfort often goes overlooked or underestimated.

Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty (SLT)

Glaucoma occurs when there is an increase of fluid production or a decrease in fluid drainage within the front part of the eye. Over time, as the pressure within the eye remains elevated or peaks at different times of the day, the optic nerve fibers are destroyed and peripheral (side) vision is lost. If not treated adequately, an elevated pressure can also cause irreversible loss of central vision. Aqueous humor flows out of the eye through the Trabecular Meshwork near the outer edge of the iris. Over time, in certain individuals with glaucoma, that trabecular meshwork becomes blocked and the … Read more…

Glaucoma Awareness Month – Don’t Get Blindsided

  • Posted by lasik2020 on August 17, 2009 in Glaucoma

More than 66.8 million people are visually impaired by glaucoma worldwide and the disease has blinded 6.7 million people, according to the National Glaucoma Research, a program of the American Health Assistance Foundation. The foundation is committed to funding research and getting the word out about glaucoma – January is National Glaucoma Awareness Month. People of all ages – from babies to senior citizens – are at risk for this incurable disease, which is a group of diseases that affect the optic nerve and can cause blindness without any warning or symptoms. It is not curable and any vision lost … Read more…